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10 Fascinating Facts About Snail Slime – Not All Slime Is Alike

It’s been just over two weeks since I started my snail slime trial using Korean beauty products. Despite all of my scepticism, I am actually seeing a clearer, more well looked after skin. Now, of course a big part of that is that twice a day every day I put some sort of cream on.  I frequently apply a toner and/or a mask on my face, all of which contribute something to the effects. The weather conditions are also favorable: we are in the middle of January, I have central heating piped into radiators in my apartment, and so my skin drinks up whatever I put on it. Were it a nasty, humid heat in the middle of the summer and my skin might be breaking out from all the things I try to smother on.

As much as I’d like to blindly believe that it is just the slime that’s making my skin look good, however out of character that would be for me, I can’t help but check the ingredients listed on all these product jars and packets. There are a few ingredients I noticed making an appearance on the ingredient lists in almost all of the Korean beauty products I am currently using discover here. As it turns out, these ingredients are exactly what you want:

My conclusion is that Korean beauty experts don’t mess around! They simply pack some of the most powerful cosmetic ingredients together and create something very efficient – and easy on the wallet. Have I mentioned how affordable K-beauty products are yet? I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Getting back to the snail slime though. Although the snail slime products I am using contain and clearly list snail slime in the ingredient list, I keep noticing that the slime makes its appearance closer to the last 5 items on the ingredients list. This typically means that it is not an active ingredient or that the quantity used is minimal. It means, my friends, that the inclusion of the ingredient is more of a marketing tool. So while I genuinely enjoy the products this search for Korean beauty products has seen me find, I did start looking for something more potent, something with a greater concentration of snail slime. And find the slime I did.

The first product I found is called Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence by the brand Cosrx. Their product contains 96% snail secretion filtrate. The other is Snail Bee High Content Essence by the brand Benton, and contains 88% snail secretion. In both products, snail secretion is first on the ingredient list, which means it is if not the active ingredient then at least the main ingredient. Even better news? Cosrx essence costs $19 for the 100 ml bottle (you can get it from here https://sokoglam.com/products/cosrx-advanced-snail-96-mucin-power-essence, they also offer 10% off your first order), and Benton essence costs $19.80 from here http://w2beauty.com/en/benton/10653-benton-snail-bee-high-content-essence-benton.html. Amazing prices. And it’s pretty much the same story with K-beauty brands across the board. I am only noticing higher prices with brands that are now well known in the West – which is to be expected. Once the cat is out of the bag, the price of these things tend to go way up!

For now, my snail slime saga continues and I’ll report back on any new amazing finds. For now, what is important to know is this – Korean skincare is worth the hype, and I highly recommend that you check it out yourself. There are dozens of retailers out there who sell K-Beauty products online, more than enough to choose from. Read more reviews, compare the prices and when you’re ready, just go ahead and try something new!

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