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Category Archives: Jeunesse Scam

The END of Jeunesse Global

One man, James J. Aboltin, has filed a lawsuit that will mean the end of Jeunesse Global. Well, look who is back in Skinny Anne town. The people I love to hate, Jeunesse Global. And boy are they in trouble. They’ve finally gone too far and have been...

The Great Pyramid of Jeunesse Global

Pyramid Scheme vs. MLM, or scam vs. business When you hear the word ‘pyramid’, you might not immediately think of the greatest scam scheme known to modern man. Instead, your mind may reach for something more like a monumental structure synonymous with the final resting place of...

Jeunesse Global Banned in China?

“…Nobel Prize Winning Research Uncovers a Fundamental Cause of Aging…” Here’s another round in the Jeunesse Global shouldn’t exist but it does series, compliments of the Jeunesse Global skin burning Instantly Ageless product. If selling bleach-like skin care products that add insult to injury with a high...

Nerium Dennis Windsor Lawsuit

Oh lucky me, when it rains it pours! When it comes to finding reasons to hate Jeunesse, the internet is awash in distractions these days. It’s a terrible thing that Jeunesse Global makes and sells products that will literally make your skin worse, according to a licensed...

Dennis Windsor Lawsuit and Jeunesse

You know what I like? Long walks in the park, creamy pasta dishes, great beauty products, chivalrous handsome men (oh where are they all hiding!?), oh and Reddit. You know what I really dislike? Jeunesse. But as much as I don’t like Jeunesse Global, I really have to...

Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless. With such a catchy trademark alone you might think that everyone and their mother would want to run out and buy some of this stuff. So what is Instantly Ageless? It is a premium-priced, stingy-portioned sachet of “micro-cream” that is scientifically proven to damage your skin. It promises to...