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Harvey Weinstein Wasn’t So Bad

The #metoo hash tag has made big waves on social media. What happened with that hash tag is turning into maybe the biggest series of confessions of abuse and sexual harassment in recent history. This is just a little unusual though because talking about an unpleasant or...

Blinded by Stem Cells

The site californiahealthline.org has an article about three women going blind as a result of undergoing surgery with stem cells. The women affected were aged between early 70s to late 80s and had hopes of regaining clarity in their eyesight by signing up to a “clinical trial” that offered this miraculous possibility. The...

Nerium Dennis Windsor Lawsuit

Oh lucky me, when it rains it pours! When it comes to finding reasons to hate Jeunesse, the internet is awash in distractions these days. It’s a terrible thing that Jeunesse Global makes and sells products that will literally make your skin worse, according to a licensed...

Dennis Windsor Lawsuit and Jeunesse

You know what I like? Long walks in the park, creamy pasta dishes, great beauty products, chivalrous handsome men (oh where are they all hiding!?), oh and Reddit. You know what I really dislike? Jeunesse. But as much as I don’t like Jeunesse Global, I really have to...

The Jeunesse Scam

It’s a bad thing when companies with great resources, power, and responsibility turn their back on doing the right thing. In October 2015, the Volkswagen scandal exploded and revealed cheating at an epic level by a company that’s been trusted implicitly by consumers the world over. The good...

The “Double Diamante”

Speaking at the Jeunesse Global September 2015 annual global convention, with an audience in excess of 15,000 Jeunesse Global distributors, the (now former) Imperial Diamond Director of Jeunesse Global, Jason Caramanis, professed that “it’s not where you begin, it’s where you end up”. Indeed, where Jason Caramanis...