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Dennis Windsor Lawsuit and Jeunesse

You know what I like? Long walks in the park, creamy pasta dishes, great beauty products, chivalrous handsome men (oh where are they all hiding!?), oh and Reddit. You know what I really dislike? Jeunesse. But as much as I don’t like Jeunesse Global, I really have to thank them. Because of Jeunesse, I always have plenty to write about on totalbeauty-truth.com

Back to Reddit though. So as I took my usual descent into the click hole that is Reddit, I went through to the /r/antiMLM section of Reddit and found this little gem: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiMLM/comments/3t6ktp/amazing_beforeafter_jeunesse_wrinkle_cream_pics/

Well what have we here? This was not your usual Jeunesse rant. The comments section in this post about Jeunesse distributors faking before and after images was about Dennis Windsor click here for info. I thought, ok who is this guy? And then the clickhole really got deep. Here is an announcement about Jeunesse hiring him: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jeunesse-appoints-dennis-windsor-chief-120000499.html

Nevermind what kind of person works for Jeunesse, but it looks like Dennis Windsor is having some kind of cash fueled identity crisis as he sues his former employer, skin care company (health products company?) Nerium and all the while forgetting that he used to talk trash about Jeunesse being “a scam”, per Reddit user aglasssoul. I wonder how much Jeunesse is paying Dennis Windsor to hawk their face melting rust remover aka Instantly Ageless? Definite more to come with this story…

Update: Someone saw my posts and Dennis Windsor BLR video (thanks Serg!) and now there is more about Nerium, Jeunesse and the likely very rich man with an identity crisis named Dennis Windsor.


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