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DNA Repair – Telomeres

Jeunesse Global products make bold claims that they alone can address the problem of cell aging. On their website, Jeunesse Global tells us that with their innovations and products they can delay aging through “DNA Repair”. Regrettably for thousands of their customers, who, once like myself, wanted to believe this baloney, what Jeunesse Global claims is both improbable and impossible. Here’s why.
First, the off-the-wall claim that the simple application of a face cream, or ingestion of a diet supplement could be sufficient enough to effectively “delay aging at the cellular level” is nothing short of citing a miracle.

For Jeunesse Global to claim and have the general public believe in anti-aging miracles has vast financial benefits. By preying on our fears of fading youth, Jeunesse Global sells us an idea we want to believe. This is a fantasy that earns them a mint; every year, every month, every minute.

By using Jeunesse Global products, customers are meant to believe that we are actively doing something to “delay the symptoms of premature aging”. They portraying aging as a disease of which the “symptoms” should be eradicated, so long as Jeunesse Global capitalizes.

Speaking of which, the inflated product prices actually serve to help Jeunesse Global. No customer of any company wants to acknowledge they are being ripped off and, to a certain degree, will trust that if they spend enough money on something that is aspirational, it is going to be of a high quality. Jeunesse Global knows this, and looks to take advantage with its astronomical price tags that should be justifying a solid product but instead promote nonsense, miracle pseudo-science that consistently falls short of their unproven claims.

One such claim is that Jeunesse Global supplements provide “natural DNA Repair support”, specifically with the ingredients “N-Acetyl-cysteine and Inositol hexaphosphate”. I don’t take anything Jeunesse Global says at face value, so here are some facts to illustrate what these components are commonly used for.

N-Acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is a medication used to treat all manner of ailments such as carbon monoxide poisoning, bronchitis, Alzheimer’s disease, and even some forms of head and lung cancer. When used in the dietary supplement market, its most common use is as an antioxidant “with liver protecting effects”. Nothing whatsoever to do with DNA Repair.

In fact, a quick Google of N-Acetyl-cysteine (NAC) returns many articles expressing concern over its side effects. When taken orally, the most common are nausea and vomiting, in addition to anaphylaxis reactions, which are defined as “rashes, hypotension, wheezing, and shortness of breath”.

Strange then, that in the pages and pages of studies and commentary on the wide-ranging benefits of N-Acetyl-cysteine (NAC), the medical marvel of DNA Repair is never mentioned – not even once.

Inositol hexaphosphate, or IP-6, is a saturated cyclic acid commonly found in cereals and grains, and is also known to treat and prevent a variety of cancers. Notably, several studies suggest a link between Inositol hexaphosphate, and the role it could play in repairing DNA damage by “inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing differentiation”.

For once Jeunesse Global might be in the right ballpark, yet, unfortunately, by not stating any quantities of this ingredient, it is impossible to say if there is but even a mere trace of this in its products. Name dropping this ingredient is yet another demonstration of Jeunesse Global clinging to compelling scientific research, using this to prop up and support unregulated, unchecked product claims and assumptions.

Ingredients aside, the problem remains that the very cellular process that Jeunesse claims is the key to explaining how it can delay aging is, in fact, the same reason why its claims are absurd.

On its website, Jeunesse Global dutifully explains the science of telomeres, telling customers what telomeres are and how they work in cell division, which is necessary for our skin to repair itself. It explains that telomeres are parts of DNA strands that are shortened every time cells divide until they become so short that the cell will no longer divide, or when a cell has reached “old age”.

So far, so good, Jeunesse Global. It would be nice to see that Jeunesse Global is helping to educate customers about the science behind its revolutionary products. Unfortunately, this is not what Jeunesse Global is doing. Educating customers on how cell division relies on telomeres is only a red herring, a distraction from the blatantly dishonest statements that follow.

The product literature explains that Jeunesse Global innovation gives its products the benefit of “allowing cells to divide in a healthier state so that they can maintain telomere length”. But only a paragraph before, on the same exact page, they explain that telomere length shortens every time our cells divide. So which of these statements should we believe? Do cells gradually lose their telomeres every time they divide, as undisputed research has proven, or can telomeres be easily kept if customers use the Jeunesse Global biology-defying products – products around which no studies have been performed? I think, we should be paying attention to the former.

In the face of the contradictions clearly found on their website, at least certainly at the time this was written, the only possible explanation here is that Jeunesse Global can’t care less and thinks that we customers are too stupid, lazy, or gullible to question their scientific claims and sweeping statements.


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