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Jeunesse Global Banned in China?

“…Nobel Prize Winning Research Uncovers a Fundamental Cause of Aging…”

Here’s another round in the Jeunesse Global shouldn’t exist but it does series, compliments of the Jeunesse Global skin burning Instantly Ageless product. If selling bleach-like skin care products that add insult to injury with a high price wasn’t enough, there is always more with this company.

Let’s begin by talking about what we know about our health and how to maintain it. There are facts you know about taking care of your self and your skin that we know are undeniable. Those facts, like eating well, not smoking, and exercising, are important facts to be familiar with, even if they may seem obvious. When it comes to health care products though, knowing the difference between what is effective and safe and what is useless and even harmful can be difficult. The difference can also mean healthy skin or just plain hurting yourself. Yet sometimes among all the noise, advertisements, and sales pitches, it becomes difficult to know what is true. That’s mostly because some people will say anything to catch our interest for a sale, even if it means telling bare faced lies. When someone starts to sell you a product with a lot of official and authoritative sounding phrases and claims over the simple merit of the product, beware. At best, you may be getting a mediocre product from a less than mediocre, downright dishonest and unsavory person that doesn’t really care if you’re really benefitting from their product.

What about those downright dishonest and unsavory people though? If only we could identify them ahead of time. As it turns out, we can do just that. If you just so happen to be looking at Youtube videos of Jeunesse Global sales people pitching their business or products online (it’s a clickhole, I know), it won’t be long before you find someone marketing Jeunesse Global products and telling you that Jeunesse Global has Nobel Prize winning advisors and doctors working for them. One such person on Youtube claimed that Vincent Giampapa is a Nobel Prize Winner for Biology, or chemistry, or Medicine, or whatever because it is all nonsense anyway. Not unlike my advice about another person working for Jeunesse, the strangest man in the skincare business Dennis Windsor, do not believe what these people have to say when they try to associate themselves with legitimate science or institutions, the truth is simply that it’s rubbish.

It’s a puzzling thing when people lie so publicly, so unashamedly, but it can sometimes come down to an inadequacy, it can just come down to falling short somewhere. If Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is any indicator, the Jeunesse Global product line up is so bad that people selling it have no choice but to lie about the company and their product to each other and to us. This is hardly a statement that comes from a “feeling”, it is a plain fact, proven by what anyone with an internet connection can find, that there are a lot of Jeunesse sales people both being told lies and telling lies in order to push their business. Fortunately, the lies are easy to get to the bottom of. Why would Jeunesse sales people say that Jeunesse Global medical advisor Vincent Giampapa won the Nobel Prize? Don’t they know that anyone can go to the Nobel Prize Organization website and just search for Nobel Prize winners, nominees, or anyone related to the Nobel Prize going back to the 1960s? Well, maybe they really don’t know that it’s that easy to dig up the truth, or more likely they just depend on our good nature to want to believe them. In that case, if you run into anyone telling you that Vincent Giampapa or anyone that has anything to do with Jeunesse Global has ever even shaken hands with someone that was in the same room with a Nobel Prize winner, just feel free to check the Nobel Prize Organization website database, right here and you’ll find that they are lying: https://www.nobelprize.org/nomination/archive/

Did you check it too? You didn’t find Vincent Giampapa? Nope, didn’t think so. Maybe try Dennis Windsor, maybe the team at Jeunesse Global is telling people he is in there too. All of this nonsense really had me running down the Youtube rabbit hole. From Youtube to the NobelPrize.org website and then back again to Youtube and then I really hit something embarrassing! What I found is a whole new scandal that Jeunesse Global, the household bleach cream for your face company, is wrapped up in and this is at an international level.

So first I found a Singaporean user on Youtube selling Jeunesse skincare products. This is one of these people that is either being carelessly dishonest in the worst case and just ignorant and lazy in the best case. This woman is telling people that Jeunesse Global has Nobel Prize nominated or Nobel Prize winning people on staff. Again, I thought to myself. On the one hand, if someone told me so, why would I not believe that Jeunesse Global has Nobel Prize nominated staff? If someone says that Vincent Giampapa M.D. was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in medicine, most people’s reaction would be something like, “Ok. Maybe there is something to your product then.” That is the natural reaction. This is, of course, why these people say these things, because our first instinct is not to be suspicious. The bad news is that when it comes to Jeunesse Global, we have to put away our good nature. In America, it is easy to spot the chain of lies and to get information about their face mangling products. So I wondered, just how many people around the world that don’t read English or that have never heard of Jeunesse are being told lies about what Jeunesse Global products do? Are Jeunesse Global sales teams really going global telling lies about what kind of people do and don’t work for them? So I dug a little deeper into Jeunesse Global, starting from Singapore, and then on to other parts of the world.

Singapore has several official languages. English and Chinese are two of these official languages and of course Chinese is shared with, drum roll please, the People’s Republic of China. With a few searches, it is obvious how Jeunesse Global lies to people English, TruthinAdvertising.org nabbed Jeunesse Global doing just that and then rocked the boat in all the right ways, but to see if people were getting swindled by Jeunesse in Chinese, I had to use some Google-Fu, if you’ll pardon the pun. First, I found that Jeunesse in Chinese is “Jie Si”. Second, I found out that not only has Jeunesse had legal trouble with regulatory authorities in Malaysia, but they are also under suspicion of operating illegally in the People’s Republic of China!

While you won’t find it in English, this video is all over the internet on maybe hundreds of websites but only in Chinese and what it shows feels like some kind of pay back for their lies and harmful products. It’s in Chinese, but I’ll put it here anyway, just follow the image link:

Jeunesse is Illegal

Thanks mostly to Google translate (and some help from Redditors), here are the main points, this is the gist of it:

  • Dr. Xu Rui Ming from the China National Laboratory of Biomacromolecules analyzed Jeunesse’s product and stated “…from a scientific perspective, there is no evidence to support their (product) claims.” I’m not sure which product exactly this was but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Instantly Ageless.
  • Jeunesse is under investigation for false advertising in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Jeunesse sales people are misleading others with statements regarding Jeunesse Global medical, chief, and product development advisors similar to and including that they have won the Nobel Prize continuously for 4 years running. (where’s that database of Nobel Prize winners again? That’s right, not a single person associated with Jeunesse Global is in the Nobel Prize winners or even nominees database)
  • Jeunesse Global certainly violates several Chinese laws including those regarding source of income and distribution, regulation of MLM, and lack of mandatory business registration.
  • Jeunesse Global will be liable for substantial fines and will likely be banned from the People’s Republic of China.

Well if that doesn’t say it all about Jeunesse Global, I don’t know what does. Now a major government is making a clear statement that Jeunesse Global is a dishonest organization. Further, a state run laboratory leading scientist literally laughs at the company’s product claims. Thank you internet, thank you Google, and thank you law in far away places, thank you very much.



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