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Jeunesse Global and Matt Nestler – A Regular Wolf Pack

Wolves are merciless eaters.

Given the opportunity, a wolf will eat anything that might yield a precious morsel of meat. Given any opportunity at all, wolves will even gorge on other members of their own pack. Wolf hunters know that if you snare a wolf in a trap, there is only precious little time before that wolf, and its prized pelt along with it, will be torn to shreds by other wolves. That is sure to be shocking but what is likely less shocking is that when two packs meet, they will battle to the death, tooth and nail, at least until one of the alpha males from the packs is killed. Once the alpha male, or any involved wolf, is killed then, yes again, it is eaten by the other wolves. This is far from the romantic Disney version of how wolves live, but you should also know that it is not unheard of for a wolf mother to eat her own pups or for the mother herself to be eaten by her full grown pups. Distasteful as this may be for us, it is simply, the way of the wolf. Fortunately, we can gladly observe such savagery from a safe distance.

Jeunesse Global is a company described by PR Newswire as being “devoted to encouraging its distributors to look and feel younger, earn more, and enjoy life”. They claim to have successfully delivered the “rewards of youth” through “breakthrough science” in the several years that it’s been operational.

Oh I am so sorry, I just realized that I am all over the place with my writing today! Here I am going on about the cannibalistic tendencies of wolves and then I introduce Jeunesse Global in a follow up paragraph. I must have low blood sugar or something, I bet I have some Luna Bars around here somewhere. I’m so, so sorry. It happens, you know? It’s been a long week and it isn’t even over yet so here I am, relaxing with my writing, having some wine, checking Facebook and I, I guess I just lost focus and…uhm no, I don’t think so. When it comes to Jeunesse Global I am laser focused – read on because this article is all about how Jeunesse Global, the company that brings you face melting skin care in exchange for your hard earned money, can’t avoid screwing over its own people, something like how a wolf might eat its own pack mate. So let me tell you the story of Jeunesse Global and one Matt Nestler.

Its never a good thing with these Jeunesse Global people. Despite the increasing number of lawsuits and people bringing to light the poor quality of their products, Jeunesse Global keeps on with their overly optimistic product claims and shady practices while laughing all the way to the bank. There are even allegations that Jeunesse Global persuaded a customer to pay them “over $7 million for mysterious and undefined cancer therapy … that was worthless”. That is the definition of dishonest, the kind of thing that a company that cares only about money would do, the kind of thing that everyone needs to avoid, most importantly because none of us have $7 million dollars to be cheated out of. In fact all of us have much, much less money than that and so we have much, much more to lose to Jeunesse Global.

Matt Nestler and Jeunesse Global very happily began their relationship in 2014 with what must have been a pleasant meeting between Matt and of course Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Yes, the nice pleasant forming of a loyal wolf pack. What led to this peaceful alliance being torn apart? How could Matt Nestler, who enthusiastically and by his own choice joined Jeunesse Global, end up in just a few months suing Jeunesse Global? It all came from what was described by the attorney and legal counsel to Matt Nestler, Kevin Thompson, as “the natural by-product of a reckless, deal-oriented culture”. The cooperation between Nestler and Jeunesse Global came to a screeching halt less than a year after they signed a cooperation agreement with Jeunesse Global firing Matt Nestler and Matt Nestler responding in turn by suing Jeunesse Global. Matt cited several complaints in his lawsuit. Among these were “breach of contract”, “violation of The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act”, and being “owed $275,000 in commissions”.

Nestler stated that everything was going as expected in their cooperation, with no complaints or feedback given by anyone at Jeunesse Global. Then, suddenly, his contract was terminated in October 2014 for “failure to adequately support the distributors he sponsored”.

The story goes on, better than an NBC soap opera. You really couldn’t make this stuff up and I admit frankly that, sure they really pissed me off with their dangerous skin care products, but its the entertainment factor that keeps drawing me back to Jeun-nasty. Sorry, I meant Jeunesse. I easily get those confused, pretty much every time.

The day after Nestler was dismissed without cause, a third party that was closely intertwined with the Nestler – Jeunesse deal, Kevin Giguere, claimed he was acting on behalf of Jeunesse Global and asked to meet Matt Nestler in order for Nestler to sign a settlement agreement. From there the story goes that Kevin Giguere went back to Jeunesse Global with a signed settlement from Nestler and that would have been that. The problem is that Nestler made it clear in later discussions that he refused to sign any settlement agreement, specifically he said that he did not sign any settlement delivered by Kevin Giguere. Nestler even passed a lie detector test to support this claim when Jeunesse Global made statements something along the lines of “Well we got the signed settlement, Kevin brought it, he said you signed it.” and it became a legal battle. Right. How convenient. Things got worse. Jeunesse Global claimed that after the fake settlement signing, Nestler started making death threats, including that he would go to Jeunesse Global offices and start shooting people indiscriminately. They even said that Nestler threatened that he would start driving Jeunesse executives off the road and, I’m paraphrasing here, that he would stick a gun up Jeunesse Global Wendy Lewis’s rectum. Eh hem. So, it got nasty, though it seems Nestler kept a cool head in public and just kept on with his legal fight, and a fight it was, to the very end.

Nestler’s attorney Kevin Thompson argued that the dark trick in all this was that once Nestler was out of the way, others in the Jeunesse Global sales ranks could take over his small sales empire within the Jeunesse Global distributor network. This was “contrary to its [Jeunesse’s] own Policies and Procedures, which expressly forbids Jeunesse participants from owning more than ‘one distributorship’”. 

It doesn’t take a detective to work out that Nestler was brought in to Jeunesse Global with a deal that was lucrative so that he would bring over a new blood sales force into the Jeunesse Global sales network. That was the draw of Nestler for Jeunesse Global and the reason they offered him a good deal, he brought with him hundreds or maybe thousands of sales representatives working under him in the multi level marketing format. As soon as Matt Nestler served his purpose and safely transferred over his “worth”, he was summarily dumped by the wayside and the money he helped bring in from his sales representatives and teams “$275,000 in commissions from the productivity of Rick Ricketts and Cedrick Harris”, was kicked up to someone else, most likely this Kevin Giguer, and of course, the house always wins so some sugar would go to the founders of Jeunesse Global, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

So Matt Nestler thought he was part of a Disney wolf pack at Jeunesse Global, only to find out he joined a real wolf pack in Florida. Yes, Florida because Jeunesse Global wasn’t started in France as they would like their name to suggest. They are from Florida. But what happened to Matt Nestler vs. Jeunesse Global? You’ll have a slightly more difficult time finding out from the internet these days because Matt Nestler kept coming back at Jeunesse Global, though they certainly didn’t expect it. They finally settled with Matt. Terms of a settlement are generally that the matter is settled and that you need to back off the issue. That is why Nestler’s attorney Kevin Thompson no longer has any information about this case on his firm’s web page, though only a few months ago it was there and clear that they were in the middle of a tooth and nail fight. And so they fought and while I can’t say any side’s alpha male was killed, the fight came to an end either way. Jeunesse Global carries on, founder Wendy Lewis doing so probably without Matt’s gun up her butt, thankfully.

Thanks to its strategy of settling out of court and tying plaintiffs up in litigation for years and years, Jeunesse has successfully managed to go on about its business like this several times. After all, what Jeunesse Global has lots of is time and money, two valuable tools when it comes to delaying and silencing anyone that you disagree with, even if those people are from within your own company.

Hopefully this serves as a warning to other top-level Jeunesse Global distributors whose deals (BDAs) sound too good to be true. This is how Jeunesse Global works – they bring you into the pack, facilitate your ability to generate profit before suddenly, and without remorse, you and your hard earned money and work just became a meal for the boss. A steep price to pay to get that knock in the head that says, “I suppose I shouldn’t have been selling people Jeunesse Global snake oil anyway.”

According to TINA, in the neighborhood of 50 complaints were filed both with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Florida Attorney General’s office, where as I mentioned Jeunesse Global is headquartered (Florida, not France, Florida). All those open investigations and ongoing legal proceedings mean Jeunesse Global will certainly be hauled before a judge again and again until it is eventually, hopefully, no more. Until then, don’t get eaten by wolves.


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