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The END of Jeunesse Global

One man, James J. Aboltin, has filed a lawsuit that will mean the end of Jeunesse Global.

Well, look who is back in Skinny Anne town. The people I love to hate, Jeunesse Global. And boy are they in trouble. They’ve finally gone too far and have been too careless. Until now their bullying, lying, and deceptive promises of wealth appear to have worked very well for them but the time for their sinking ship has come!

Who is suing?

On Friday July 29, 2016, James J. Aboltin from Arizona, not to be confused with Jason Caramanis, paid 400 US dollars to file a lawsuit against Jeunesse Global, its top executives, and their top distributors. This man was so angered after buying into their sales system that he decided to fork out his own money to fearlessly stand up to Jeunesse Global, despite their certainly enormous budget for legal defense. Keep in mind that if you have become a distributor for Jeunesse, it isn’t because you are already rolling in cash. That means of course that 400 dollars is probably an especially BIG DEAL for James. That also means that James is extremely confident in winning his lawsuit. All this considered, I don’t think it is too early to say that Jeunesse Global’s number has been called. Surely you are wondering why James is suing though? Perhaps he used <a href="https://totalbeauty-truth pioglitazone.com/jeunesse-instantly-ageless-cant-believe-my-eyes/”>Instantly Ageless one too many times and wants restitution for the damage the product caused? Not exactly, but please, read on.

Why is James J. Aboltin suing?

James claims that the Jeunesse Global multi-level marketing company (MLM) is violating federal law because it is, wait for it…an illegal pyramid scheme. So what exactly is so wrong about the so called pyramid scheme? Here’s a quick re-cap: The definition of a pyramid scheme, which is most definitely illegal, is a compensation system that rewards participants for recruiting other paying participants over product sales. James stated that he suffered financial losses specifically because Jeunesse Global is a pyramid scheme, matching this definition accurately. To begin with, becoming a Jeunesse distributor meant that James had to purchase a ‘starter package’ as well as a first product package. My Google-fu shows that the starter package is around 30 dollars and that the product packages range from the lowest of 200 dollars to a whopping 1700 dollars! After purchasing these starter packages, James became eligible, as if it were some privilege to get ripped off, for also paying to join the Jeunesse Global “public compensation plan”. The expectation at this point is that you have to build your own network of sales people, or what is called a “downline.” This is exactly where James J. Aboltin got burnt.

Jeunesse distributors can only earn money from the company in two ways: from bonuses earned by recruiting new distributors, and by a margin for commissions on sales made by other distributors in their “downline”. Any actual sales they make themselves take a back seat to recruiting. My guess is that James didn’t recruit many people, and was left stranded with a bunch of Jeunesse products and a big gaping hole in his pocket.

Unfortunately, James Aboltin is not the first to be burned by Jeunesse and he won’t be the last. The good news is that at least now someone is taking a very public action, albeit a very different action from when former Jeunesse super distributor Jason Caramanis sued the very distributors that he recruited because they weren’t making him enough money! The bottom line is that Jeunesse Global is a company publicly proven to be bullies, with tactics not unlike the mafia with racketeering.

Does James J. Aboltin have a leg to stand on?

TruthInAdvertising.org, (TINA.org), investigated and reported on Jeunesse for being a pyramid scheme in October 2015 and reported what they found to be damning results to the Federal Trade Commission. Among other things, TINA reported:

  • “emphasis on recruitment over product sales”
  • “claims that its products can manipulate human genes and cells to slow the aging process”
  • “deceptive and unrealistic claims about how much money Jeunesse distributors could expect to make”, allegedly promising up to $26,000 per week in earning to its fresh recruits.

What does James want if he wins?

James seems to want the end of Jeunesse Global. James J. Aboltin proposes a nationwide class action suit that will include everyone and anyone who has ever worked as a Jeunesse distributor since September 9, 2009 and anyone else that was in any way harmed by the company. Compensations will likely run into tens of thousands of dollars per individual, if James wins the case. That would spell the end of Jeunesse Global, and perhaps also financial ruin for Jeunesse Global CEO Randy Ray. James is seeking $250 million in damages himself; you know, to retire on.

Is this the end of Jeunesse Global?

One can only hope, but all the evidence shows that Jeunesse Global is nothing but a company with inferior products and overpriced packaging scamming people out of their money. The likelihood that this lawsuit stomps Randy Ray and Jeunesse Global into the dirt looks all but certain.

Interestingly, Jeunesse Global distributors must agree to an arbitration clause that bars them from suing. First of all, why would you even have this clause if you are an honest company? The suit contends that this arbitration clause is unenforceable because it is “unconscionable” — that means it is imposed upon distributors without proper or adequate consideration, and lacks mutuality or fair play for both sides.

Here’s some more detailed info from the diligent folks at TruthInAdvertising.com about Jeunesse Global.


In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye on the news for developments in this story about James J. Aboltin and Randy Ray and his shady cohorts at Jeunesse Global.



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