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Jeunesse Instantly Ageless VS Botox

I know, I know, I am on the old Jeunesse Instantly Ageless bandwagon again but please someone, anyone, tell me why people don’t bother to research what they put on their faces / in their bodies? I’ve watched a lot of Jeunesse reviews on YouTube and of course now my YouTube home page is flooded with suggestions of watching this or that ‘miracle cream’ review alongside more Jeunesse Instantly Ageless videos. Every now and again I’ll go down that click hole and see girls and boys go on about the ‘amazing effects’ of this or that potion without having ANY idea what it is they are smothering all over their often pretty young faces that need no anti-aging creams. I cry.


Yes, a bunch of the Instantly Ageless reviews are positive. “It works!”, they say. And hell, you CAN see the wrinkles disappear on camera. The effect lasts a matter of hours, though, and then you need to reapply or go home. But it’s so curious to me how in the pursuit of youth people don’t care what it is that makes it work. Or how it will affect their skin in the long term. Unlike many out there, I have done my homework: I actually had Instantly Ageless pH levels tested – it’s pH is akin to that of the household bleach. B-leach. No, thank you.


Ok, I’ll leave Jeunesse Instantly Ageless party for a minute and hop over next door. The neighbor is an oldie but a goldie that I haven’t yet dissected on my blog – Botox. That thing truly took the world by storm in its time. And hell, it’s still being used by everyone and their uncle today to look and feel frozen (just had a flash idea of branding Botox using Disney’s Frozen girls. But I digress). I mean, even my own mother had Botox injections, but then had three operations on her eyelid due to the unfortunate aftermath of the procedure. True story.


So – Botox. Also known in medical jargon as Botulinum Toxin, it’s arguably the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States and incidentally, one of the most powerful and lethal toxins out there. Hey, those who don’t take risks don’t get to drink Champagne, is what they say. 


A friend of mine who used to run a skincare company told me once that there is only one effective ingredient in anti-aging skincare that has any real effect – poison. It can either be of plant or animal origin, such as snake poison, or it can be a chemically cooked up poison. Ultimately, what the poison does is paralyze the muscles, which prevents them from contracting, which as a result prevents wrinkles. The way the poison paralyzes the muscles is by blocking nerve signals to certain facial muscles. And that’s exactly how Botox works. It’s a toxin, i.e. it’s a poison.


Botox paralyzes certain facial muscles, which offers that instant youth effect that gets rid of fine lines and crow’s feet in mere minutes and lasts up to 6 months. So.. no wrinkles instantly? Instantly Ageless (khe, khe…) you might say? Sounds great. Why not? Well, friends, I’ll tell you why not. The most common side effect of injecting Botox into your face is having it injected into the wrong muscle group or having it spread from the injection site, causing paralysis of unintended muscles. Just try to imagine what it would look like if you lost the ability to move your jaw or got a saggy eylid and are STILL covered in wrinkles. Bummer. Want more? If you discount partial facial paralysis, muscle weakness, and trouble swallowing, there are also headaches, flu-like syndromes, gallbladder dysfunction, bleeding and swelling too. Eh, small potatoes! Wait, I have more. If injected into the masseter muscle of the jaw it will cause loss of muscle function which will result in a loss of ability to chew solid foods. All in all, Medicalnewstoday.com lists 24 different side effects of Botox. Yup, when you think about it, the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless cream version does sound a notch safer. Just.


So what is IN Botox? What is it made of? Botox is made from a neurotoxin called Botulinum Toxin that’s produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. So it’s not a chemical, it’s of natural origin, you might even say it’s organic, darling. 

I’m sure a bunch of you are saying that ‘the effects are only temporary’, and that ‘it all goes away eventually’, and that ‘there are no long-term effects’. Well, I have a surprise for y’all. There ARE long-term effects, according to the new study as reported by ScienceDaily.com find out here now. What the study has found is that the potent toxin that is Botox is carried back to the central nervous system, and the more injections you get the more toxin accumulates. Here’s the fun part, too, the scientists have no idea about the extent of damage this might lead to.


You’d think that with all of this Botox will be an illegal substance for the cosmetic use. In fact, it was banned in the USA until the early 2000s. But at $400 a pop it’s way to tempting to resist putting it on the market. I mean, who cares if you suddenly can’t breathe, or see, or swallow. Meh. NEXT!


Stay safe,



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