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Nerium Dennis Windsor Lawsuit

Oh lucky me, when it rains it pours! When it comes to finding reasons to hate Jeunesse, the internet is awash in distractions these days. It’s a terrible thing that Jeunesse Global makes and sells products that will literally make your skin worse, according to a licensed dermatologist, scientific facts, and common sense (Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is pH 11.95, about the same as household bleach, OMG). Ironically, the good thing is that while it’s terrible that Jeunesse Global peddles harmful and over-priced products, without Jeunesse I wouldn’t have one of my favorite hobbies. Yes, like everyone else I have hobbies. I like Yoga (namaste), health and beauty anything, the jogging, cooking, my family, etc. But I also really enjoy opening my laptop and falling butt-backwards into another reason to criticize the snake oil warehouse that is Jeunesse Global. A Reddit user’s recent post about Jeunesse Global has opened up a rabbit hole of Jeunesse hating goodness and it looks like it is embodied in one sad, but probably quite rich, man with an identity crisis. The man I speak of is one Dennis Windsor, the Chief Development Officer at Jeunesse Global.

As I’ve said, there’s a lot to dislike about Jeunesse. The reason we even know about Jeunesse is because of their horrendous flagship product, Jeunesse Instantly Ageless, which has the same pH as household bleach, with a whopping pH 11.95. Don’t even get me started with how Jeunesse got busted using fake “before and after” pictures. No, actually let me get started for a minute on how Jeunesse got busted using fake before and after pictures. The good people at Truth in Advertising (love them) exposed Jeunesse for using fake before and after pictures and even filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission citing a false advertising violation. Hopefully the result of all that is that Jeunesse has stopped using fake results pictures. Yes, hopefully they’ve cleaned up that deceitful part of their act, though they don’t seem to be giving up the whole selling face melting skin care products business anytime soon (…I’m definitely talking about Jeunesse INSTANTLY AGELESS…) The latest development in the Jeunesse crappy skin care products business is a treasure trove of drama, or rather a whole lot of one Dennis Windsor.

Dennis Windsor formerly worked at, or co-founded if what we can find online can be believed, a skin care company called Nerium International. It’s interesting to note that with Dennis Windsor as one of their executives, Nerium International had problems with fake before and after pictures as well. That episode involved Good Fellas actor Ray Liotta who suddenly sued because he discovered people were using pictures of his face without his permission to sell skin care products. Just as suddenly as he opened the lawsuit, Ray Liotta settled the suit with Nerium. Maybe the settlement went quickly because Ray made a good deal with Nerium International. Maybe Dennis Windsor personally apologized to Ray for the trouble and that was that. Who really knows? What seems certain is that Dennis Windsor is now himself suing Nerium International, the same company that he, maybe, co-founded, definitely worked at, and the same company where he referred to his current employer, Jeunesse Global, as “a scam”. Well good for Dennis Windsor for telling the #Jtruth like it is! It sounds like he is a man after my own heart!

But wait, what’s this? Dennis Windsor is now actually working for Jeunesse Global? Well, isn’t that just a little confusing? Let me try to set this in some kind of order. So, Dennis Windsor went from working at Nerium International, where he called Jeunesse Global a “scam”, to now actually working for Jeunesse Global and at the same time suing Nerium International. You can’t make this stuff up. And what a convenient coincidence that he is working for a company that intends to compete with Dennis Windsor’s former employer. What a perfect time to sue Nerium International. I can’t wait to see how this turns out though, both for the evil entity that is Jeunesse Global and for their new pawn Dennis Windsor.

While the Dennis Windsor lawsuit unfolds, the all-over-the-place wackiness of Dennis Windsor, inspired me to create an homage. Please watch my bad lip reading video of Dennis, sourced from a video of him when he worked for his old company Nerium International, apparently in an alternate universe. Enjoy that but don’t worry because there’s bound to be more from this Nerium Dennis Windsor lawsuit Jeunesse drama saga!

I have to admit that despite all of this nonsense, I’m grateful that Jeunesse chose to hire someone with a name easier to pronounce than the double diamante, “Jason Caramanis”. No, I haven’t forgotten about you Jason Caramanis. Boy these guys sure get cranky when they see a chance to get their paws on more money than they should. I guess that’s what happens when you earn your money by deceiving people. In case you were still wondering, don’t use Jeunesse products, crap like Instantly Ageless is still very bad for your skin, no matter what Dennis Windsor might tell you. =)


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After learning about how some skin care companies care so much about profits that they will even put out bad products, I put together this site. But frankly, anyone that is selling things that can hurt customers is in my sights.


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  1. All the drama aside, a simple comparison of these two companies’ growth reveals that they are in two different galaxies.
    Jeunesse Global’s 2014 sales were $419M. They generated those sales in 50+ countries with 15-20 products and it took them 6 years to get to that level.
    Nerium International, on the other hand, recorded sales of $403M in 2014, from only 3 countries and 3 products.
    Nerium’s sales growth efficiency is FAR above and beyond those of Jeunesse. If you do the math, Nerium has grown at a rate of growth nearly 70 TIMES that of Jeunesse.
    That’s like comparing a recreational youth baseball team to the Kansas City Royals.

    Mitch / Reply
    • Mitch, I’m guessing that you work for Nerium International. That’s fine, but unfortunately it appears that you’ve missed the point. Well, Mitch, I hope I can convince you to re-visit what I’ve written. The point of my article is that Jeunesse Global puts out expensive products that are intentionally made to not help you and your skin in the long run. Why would they do that? They would do that because they want to trap you into buying more of their products. Jeunesse Global does this by selling a skin care product that I have proven, without a doubt, to be harmful to users: Jeunesse Instantly Ageless. I’ve had responses from people here and there, including on my Youtube channel, in response to my running commentary about this issue. Some of these responses and comments inevitably state that if Jeunesse Instantly Ageless were so bad for you, then the U.S. Federal Drug Administration would have put a stop to sales of the product. Well that day may just come, but the sad thing is that it probably won’t. The sad thing is that this argument about the F.D.A. is a distraction because the F.D.A. doesn’t stop the sale of things that are bad for you, like Jeunesse Instantly Ageless. If you can’t find a reason to agree with that statement, allow me to provide an example that will bring you around. If people want to inhale small, neat sticks of beautifully packaged tobacco that is undeniably proven to kill you in a slow and painful way with cancer, the F.D.A. won’t stop them. The F.D.A. has not banned cigarettes and they almost certainly won’t anytime soon. In the same fashion, if people are convinced to buy Jeunesse Instantly Ageless, a product that is similar to household bleach but for some insane reason meant to be put on your face, the F.D.A. is not going to stop them. People are free to make their own decisions to use products that are harmful to them. That freedom is a good thing, but it doesn’t always end up in good things.

      At least with tobacco, you know what you are getting into. The packaging even explains to you that it is more than likely that you will get cancer from using the product. Jeunesse Global on the other hand uses false advertising to sell something that is not good for you. Instead, Jeunesse Global literally sells you new problems with your skin. They do this so they can keep selling you new skin care solutions to the very skin care problems their flagship products will give you. That, Mitch, was the point.

      Anne / Reply (in reply to Mitch)
  2. […] because it is all nonsense anyway. Not unlike my advice about another person working for Jeunesse, the strangest man in the skincare business Dennis Windsor, do not believe what these people have to say when they try to associate themselves with legitimate […]

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