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Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

Hopefully you’ve read my post about the power of pH and skin care, because this post is the first in a series where I test the pH of different skin care and health products. To kick things off, I’m testing the Jeunesse Global anti aging product, Jeunesse Instantly Ageless. I’ll begin with some basic...

DNA Repair – Telomeres

Jeunesse Global products make bold claims that they alone can address the problem of cell aging. On their website, Jeunesse Global tells us that with their innovations and products they can delay aging through “DNA Repair”. Regrettably for thousands of their customers, who, once like myself, wanted...

Jeunesse Global DNA Repair

The small matter of DNA Repair: a challenge that continues to evade the world’s brightest biologists and geneticists. It’s a nut so tricky to crack that the best scientific minds have thus far been unable to do so, yet Jeunesse Global claims to have nailed this life...